Golf in Maine is Spectacular

T-S_2013_18_thumbs_up_200x.jpgAnd golfing with all your girlfriends is even better! The Women's Maine State Golf Association invites every woman golfer in Maine to join our organization. You can learn almost everything you need to know about us right here.

Founded in 1926, the WMSGA promotes the sport of golf for Maine women and junior girls. Today about 80 member clubs and hundreds of women throughout the state belong to our association and enjoy the benefits of membership. You can too.

See you on the course!

Check out Junior Day at Turner Highlands.

Tee up for Summer 2016

Are you ready to hit the links?

New applications are opening up every week. Make sure you're eligible for upcoming challenges... and all the fun, 

  • Before your tournament entry can be accepted, you'll need to fill out the 2016 WMSGA application and make your dues payment.
  • Memberships are available only through the mail or with your prepay account. You may not renew  at least this year  with a credit card.


As the season begins, you may want to brush up on your understanding of the rules. Perhaps you'd be interested in The Rules of Golf in Plain English (recommended by Deb Wiley at the annual meeting). You can order the newest edition, which comes out on April 21, from Amazon.

The Fun Begins! 

Every Friday a new registration window opens for a WMSGA tournament. Members – that's 2016 members only  will have two options for signing up, and some will have three. Here they are…

  1. PRINT & MAIL: At our website, choose the print & mail option for the tournament you have selected, fill out & print an application, and send it with a check to PO Box 116, Orono, ME 04473.
  2. CREDIT CARD: At our website, choose the credit card option for the tournament you have selected, and follow the prompts that allow you to register through TPP at our secure sign-up gateway. 
    If it's your first visit, make sure you know your GHIN number before you start and check out our step-by-step tutorial if you think you'll need some help. The charge for most tournaments includes a $1 service charge that will be assessed every time you use a credit card to register. (The more expensive the tournament, the greater the service charge.)You will, however, be saving a stamp!
  3. PREPAY: At our website, choose the prepay option for the tournament you have selected and fill out & submit an application. We will deduct the necessary funds from your account.
    This option is available only to members who still have money in their prepay accounts. We are no longer accepting checks to deposit in your accounts; instead, we are working toward closing out all prepay accounts.

Most important is that you renew your WMSGA membership for 2016. You may not register for a tournament until you have sent an application and paid your $35 dues. To renew – or to join for the first time – please go to the individual membership section of our website and select one of the two options available.

Remember... sign up for most tournaments opens at midnight on Fridays and closes at 11:59 pm on Tuesdays.

2015 Highlights

  • MWA: The Maine Women's Amateur congratulates all competitors that played in the 2015 championship at Biddeford-Saco.Go to our results page to see who won and how your favorite player did.And check out our sponsors, who helped make the championship possible. We really appreciate their donations and owe them a special thank you for their support of women's golf.
  • Abby Spector Award: "I am so excited and humbled," said Helen Plourd, the 2015 recipient of the Abby Spector Award presented by Golf & Ski Warehouse. Helen, a two-time senior champion and 20-time club champion at Rockland Golf Club, went on to say, "It is the WMSGA, my family, and Rockland Golf Club that I have to thank forHelen_Home.png this honor." Helen has been a member of the WMSGA for more than 60 years, starting as a junior golfer and embracing the sport and the association to this very day. Her golf career includes numerous golfing wins, six holes-in-one, and five course records. In addition, she has repeatedly offered her support of the association as an elected officer and as a volunteer. Today she serves as the beloved captain for Maine's TriState team.




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A Letter
from Our President

Bringing summer to us just a bit early, President Vicki Lindquist reminds us about what's going on with the WMSGA in her summer letter.

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