Table of Contents 
1. Eligibility 9. Fees 17. Cancellation of Play
2. Format 10. Prepay Option 18. Refund Policy
3. Flights 11. Guest Policy 19. Returned Check Policy
4. Registration 12. Dress Code 20. Participant Requirements
5. Weekly Foursomes 13. Grievance Policy 21. Handicaps
6. Oversubscribed Tournament 14. Slow Play 22. Obligations of Host Course Rep
7. Late Entries 15. Scorecards 23. Amendments
8. Player and/or Cart Cancellation 16. Prize and Prize Structure 24. WMSGA Local Rules

Regular weekly tournaments are eighteen-hole stroke play with full handicap.  An established USGA Handicap Index is required.  Shotgun tournaments are limited to 64 entries on 9-hole courses and 128 entries on 18-hole courses.
1. Eligibility:  All WMSGA members in good standing.
2. Format:  Determined by Tournament Committee.
3. Flights:  The total field for each weekly tournament will be divided into thirds according to the current handicap indexes.  (Lowest third is Flight A, middle third is Flight B, highest third is Flight C).  If the field is not evenly divisible by three, the flights will be as close as possible to equal.  An equal number of places will be paid in each flight. 
4. Registration:
Players shall register prior to start of tournament.  All registered players must be ready to tee off at the designated time as per USGA Rule 6-3a.  Penalty For Breach Of Rule a:  If the player arrives at her starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after her starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of the first hole in match play or two strokes at the first hole in stroke play. Otherwise, the penalty for breach of this Rule is disqualification
Applications may be submitted in two (2) ways: mail or online via forms found at 

     A.  Mail tournament application or send online form to the Administrative Assistant (AA) within the open and close dates of each tournament as designated on the current tournament schedule.

     B.  If mailing the application please include one check per event made payable to WMSGA and a stamped, self-addressed postcard.  The postcard will be returned to you as confirmation of your entry into the tournament.  If the AA has your e-mail address, you do not have to enclose the postcard.

     C.  Online tournament applications may be submitted only if you have money left in your prepay account. 
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5. Play for Regular Weekly Tee Time Tournaments:  To enable carpooling, similar tee times (within 1 hour) may be requested; however, foursome requests will be honored only if handicaps are similar.

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6. Oversubscribed Tournament:
The AA will keep a list of draw-outs in the order that entrants are drawn out.   Players who are drawn out of a tournament will be offered any vacancies as they arise, in the order they were drawn out of the tournament.  A drawn out player may refuse the opportunity to play without any penalty and will still receive her refund.  If this list is exhausted, the AA will then use the late entry list to fill any vacancies.  Players may or may not be assigned to a group with a similar handicap index.  If the player was selected from the draw-out list, the AA will cash the check submitted with the application.  If the player was selected from the late entry list or is a “same day entrant” the player must present a check upon signing into the event. 

     A.  The AA will keep track of the number of times a player enters and plays in a WMSGA Tournament.  For each time the member plays, she will earn a point.  The points will begin to accumulate from date of the last oversubscribed tournament.  The number of accumulated points each member has earned will determine that member’s position of protection from being drawn out of any oversubscribed tournament for that season.  The members with the most accumulated points will be drawn out last and the members with the least amount of points will be drawn out first. Points are accumulated annually.  No Points carry over from a prior season.

     B.  Once a member is drawn out of a tournament, she will be ineligible to be drawn out again for the remainder of the current season and the entire following season.  In a team event, if one team member is ineligible to be drawn out, the rest of the team is exempt from being drawn out.

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7. Late Entries:

     A.  A player may call the AA or use the online late entry application (if the player has a PrePay Account) the Friday (9am to 6pm) immediately before the tournament to fill any vacancy and/or be added to a tournament when the field is not full.  Vacancies will be filled on a first call/first served basis (no email will be accepted).

     B.  After Friday, the player (at her own risk) may arrive at the tournament site on the day of play and fill any vacancy or no-show, if available.  Players may or may not be assigned to a group with a similar handicap index.  Players who are late entries must present a check to the host Club Rep upon signing in.  A member may be a late entry two (2) times per season.  This option will not be allowed for the Janet Drouin Memorial Open and Senior Championships.

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8. Player and/or Cart Cancellations:

     A.  It is each person’s responsibility to cancel both play and cart reservations.

     B.  If a player has to cancel, it must be done by 6 pm on the Sunday before the tournament by calling the host course; otherwise, the player is responsible for the cart rental (if reserved) and may be billed by WMSGA for one half of the cost of a full cart plus a processing charge of $3.

     C.  In the event that verification is needed, please ask for the name of the person to whom you speak when canceling and note the time and date.

     D.  Failure to pay the amount billed within two weeks will render that member ineligible for the next tournament and subsequent tournaments until the fee is paid.

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9. Fees:

     A.  $26 Entry fee for weekly tournament.
     B.  Skins:  Optional competition for all tournaments except scramble formats.  $5 fee per person per day.
    C.  No Charge Juniors for weekly tournament. 
    D.  Breakdown of weekly tournament fees:  $17 user fee, $5 tournament fee, $4 administrative fee.

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10. Prepay Option:  The WMSGA is in the process of phasing out the prepay option. Members are encouraged to use the money in their accounts to pay for membership and tournament entries. As an account dwindles, a member may want to use the remaining money and a check for the difference to enter a tournament. Another option is to donate remaining funds to junior golf. 

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11. Guest Policy:  Any WMSGA member may bring a female non-member guest to a regular weekly tournament.  A guest will pay the $26 entry fee and will compete for prizes if she has a USGA handicap index.  If the guest does not have an index, she may compete at scratch.  A junior would pay no fees but she would be eligible for prizes.  If the tournament should be oversubscribed and draw-outs are necessary, guests would not be able to play.  A member may bring only one guest per tournament and a person may be a guest only one time in a season.  The sponsoring member will submit a weekly tournament application for her guest to the AA (including the guest’s GHIN # when possible) within the open/close dates of the tournament.

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12. Dress Code:  Proper attire is mandatory for WMSGA tournament play.  Proper attire is the standard of the host golf club.

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13. Grievance Policy:

     A.  WMSGA member notifies the grievance committee chair or member.

     B.  The member will put in writing a signed grievance (including details, date, time and place of the incident).

     C.  Committee will set a date to meet with person(s) accused.

     D.  Committee will meet with accused and hear her response to complaint.

Committee will decide on sanction, if any.  Refer to Bylaws, Conduct Clause, Section 2.

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14. Slow Play:  USGA® Rules apply.

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15. Scorecards:  The Committee shall issue a scorecard for each competitor containing the competitor’s name.  A marker (another player in the playing group) keeps the competitor’s score.  At the end of the round, the competitor checks her official scorecard for correctness of each hole and settles any disputes.  The marker and the competitor both sign the card and the competitor personally returns the card to the designated area or person in a timely fashion.  (USGA rule 33-5)  Please note:  if a competitor in an individual event returns a scorecard that is incomplete or has any X’s in place of a score, the competitor will be deemed to have “no-carded” and will be disqualified from the prizes and skins for that event.

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16. Prizes:

     A.  A point system will be used to award prizes for weekly WMSGA tournaments. Locally sponsored contests (pins, 2-ball, etc.) will be paid through the host pro shop.

          1)  For purposes of the point system, the tournaments for the year (with the exception of the Maine Women’s Amateur, Janet Drouin Memorial Open, and the Senior Championship) will be divided into two separate sections:  the regular season and the post season.

               a.)  Regular Season:  All tournaments from the beginning of the season (except the Maine Women’s Amateur, Janet Drouin Memorial Open, and Senior Championship) through the last tournament before the annual meeting will be included to determine the point value for the regular season.  Those vouchers will be distributed at the annual meeting.

               b.)  Post Season:  All tournaments starting with the annual meeting tournament through the October tournaments will be used to calculate the point value of the post-season tournaments.  Those vouchers will be mailed to the winners after the last tournament.

          2)  Even though the prize vouchers do not have expiration dates, WMSGA requests that vouchers be redeemed by December 1st of the next year.  If vouchers are not redeemed by December 1st two years after issue, they will be considered donations to the WMSGA general fund.

          3)  Vouchers are to be redeemed for merchandise only, at WMSGA member clubs.  Players may not receive change back when paying with a voucher.  Vouchers are not to be applied toward the cost of club dues, assessments, user fees, cart fees, or food.  Complying with these restrictions is essential to protect the integrity of USGA rules and maintain the amateur status of all WMSGA members.  This is a reminder to all players and golf shop personnel to be sure the USGA amateur prize system rules will be followed. 

     B.  Annual gross and net vouchers shall be awarded for the first, second and third low averages for the seven best tournament scores.  The Janet Drouin Memorial Open shall count as one tournament in the seven events.  If the participant meets the requirement, either or both of the JDMO championship scores may be used as one of the seven best scores.  The voucher for each category will be for the following amounts: 1st Gross/Net-$50; 2nd Gross/Net-$35; 3rd Gross/Net-$25.

     C.  A voucher of $25 shall be awarded annually to the player who participates in at least seven tournaments and reduces her handicap index the most, determined by the USGA formula for determining most improved player.
Prize Structure Chart (PDF) 

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17. Cancellation of Play:  In case of bad weather, the club pro, the greens keeper, the tournament chairwoman, and any members of the Executive Board, together, shall judge if play should be cancelled the morning of the tournament.

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18. Refund Policy:  There shall be NO REFUNDS except when:

     A.  A player cancels within 9 days of the opening date (for tournament entry) of the tournament;

     B.  The tournament is cancelled before start of play;

     C.  The field is oversubscribed and the member is not able to play as a substitute;

     D.  A player must cancel and contacts the AA by 6 PM on the Sunday before the Tuesday tournament and if the AA is able to fill that slot, the canceling player’s check will be shredded;

The policy regarding a rained out shotgun tournament is that if play is suspended and not resumed, the $5 tournament (prize) fee will be allocated to the Junior Golf Fund.

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19. Returned Check Policy:  Bank fee and administrative fee must be paid within 30 days of notification by the treasurer.

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20. Participant Requirements:

     A.  Participants must be rated as amateurs and pay annual dues to WMSGA.

     B.  All WMSGA members agree to hold the WMSGA, its agents and servants harmless and free from all claims, demands and liabilities originating out of any loss or damage suffered by said members in connection with any tournament entered.

     C.  Juniors:

          1.)  A junior golfer is an amateur golfer who has not yet reached her 18th birthday.

          2.)  Each year WMSGA will sponsor one junior, who meets the requirements, to attend the USGA Junior Tournament.  Sponsorship shall not exceed $500.  Any interested junior may apply to the President of WMSGA.  If more than one junior applies for sponsorship, the lowest handicap index at the time of application will be chosen.  If lowest applicants’ handicap indexes are within two strokes of each other at the time of application, the juniors will play an 18-hole playoff at a course chosen by the Tournament Committee Chair, not to be the home course of either junior.  WMSGA will pay the course fee for the juniors.

          3.)  There will be a WMSGA Representative to the MPA-sponsored Junior Girls’ Tournament held each year.

          4.)  If a junior is selected for the Tri-State team, her entry fee and housing will be paid by WMSGA.

          5.)A junior who plays in MSGA-sponsored events may count those events to fulfill the 3 tournament requirement for the Maine Women’s Amateur.

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21. Handicaps:

     A.  Indexes used are to be issued by each person’s home club under the USGA handicap system.

     B.  All scores achieved on a course during its “active season” are to be used for handicap determination according to the USGA rules.  Even though an area has an “inactive” season, scores made by a player in an area where the season is “active“ shall be submitted to GHIN year-round for handicap purposes or entered at their home club prior to the start of the “active“ season.

          1.)  Handicap indexes are unlimited for membership, but a maximum index of 36.4 shall be used for all WMSGA-sponsored tournaments.

          2.)  Handicap indexes will be converted to the course handicaps that apply to the host golf course.  WMSGA follows the USGA recommendation of adjusting handicap allowances in team events in order to produce fair and equitable competition.  The USGA acknowledges that in some forms of play, it is equitable for players to use their full handicap while in some forms of TEAM COMPETITION, the higher handicap team would have an unfair advantage if full handicaps are used.  The following tournaments are affected by handicap adjustments as follows:

               a.)  Metropolitan:  each member will receive 90% of course handicap

               b.)   BB of 2:  each member will receive 95% of course handicap

               c.)  Scramble:  50% of team’s course handicap to be determined by A player =  20%, B = 15%, C = 10%, and D = 5%

                d.)  2 BB of 4:  Each member will receive 95% of course handicap.

     E.  General Handicap Information

          1.)  All home and away scores, including and especially tournament scores, must be promptly entered into the GHIN System.  The AA will post your individual event WMSGA tournament scores to GHINDO NOT post them at your home club.

          2.)  All team events are the responsibility of the individual to post as non-tournament scores.

          3.)  If at least 13 holes are played, the remaining unplayed holes, for handicap purposes, shall be recorded as par plus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on the unplayed holes.  (USGA Handicap Rule 5-2b)

          4.)  If a player starts but does not complete a hole or is conceded a stroke, she shall record for handicap purposes the score she most likely would have made. (USGA Handicap Rule 4-1)

     F.  Two nine-hole scores shall be combined for a score and entered for handicap purposes.  When combining two nine-hole scores for handicap purposes, the USGA Course Rating is the sum of the two nine-hole Course Ratings (or the average of the two USGA Course Ratings for the two 18-hole courses) and the USGA Slope Rating is the average of the two slope ratings.

     G.  Two nine-hole rounds, once combined, should be identified with a score type of “C.”  Seven holes must be played in order for a nine hole round to be an acceptable score for handicap purposes.

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22. Obligations of Host Course Rep:  Each Club Representative whose club is hosting a tournament will be given detailed guidelines at the beginning of the season in preparation for that tournament.  She will be contacted by the AA prior to the tournament for guidance.

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23. Amendments:  The Executive Board shall have the power to amend these tournament rules subject to review by the Association.  Notice, in writing, of any proposed changes must be sent to the Secretary one month prior to the Annual Meeting.  The Secretary must notify each board member in writing two (2) weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.  Such amendments voted by the Executive Board may take effect immediately; after they have been in effect through one season, the amendments must be ratified by the Association at its next meeting.  A two-thirds negative vote of members present will nullify such amendments.

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24. WMSGA Local Rules: The Rules of the USGA govern play, as modified by the WMSGA.  The complete text of Rules and Appendix 1 may be found in the current Rules of Golf.

     A.  WATER AND LATERAL HAZARD STAKES AND LINES:  When both stakes and lines are used to define water and lateral hazards, stakes identify hazards, lines identify margins.

     B.  GROUND UNDER REPAIR:  Usually defined by white lines.  French drains are deemed to be Ground Under Repair, even though unmarked.

     C.  EMBEDDED BALL THROUGH THE GREEN:  Local rule as prescribed in Appendix I shall be in effect.

     D.  STONES IN BUNKERS:  As decided at the 2014 Annual Meeting, in all tournaments, stones in bunkers are declared to be movable obstructions, and thus may be removed as stated in USGA Rule 24-1.

     E.  PREFERRED LIES:  In all tournaments (except Janet Drouin Memorial Open and Senior Championship), you may mark, lift (by hand, not move by club), clean and place within 1 foot (12 inches) not nearer the hole, in your own fairway.  The position of the ball must be marked before lifting and may be placed only once.  Courses hosting championships will determine whether to allow preferred lies or not.

     F.  WMSGA has adopted a Local Rule that allows players to use devices that measure or gauge distance only (such as the Sky Caddie and Bushnell Pinseeker) during WMSGA tournaments.  A device that gauges or measures other conditions (wind or gradient) will not be permitted and would be in violation of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification.  (See Decisions on the Rules of Golf: 14-3/0.5.)  Measuring devices and the information they provide can be shared with fellow competitors although players are not obligated to share their devices or information.

     G.  HOST CLUB’S LOCAL RULES:  Local rules posted at clubs or on club scoreboards shall NOT be in effect if contrary to anything posted herein or if contrary to anything posted by WMSGA at the tournament site.

     H.  DOUBT AS TO PROCEDURE (USGA Rule 3-3):  Facts of the situation must be reported to the Committee before competitor returns her scorecard.

     I. It is important for all participants to protect the field by seeing that rules are followed within their own foursome.  If there is a rule dispute, a member of the Rules Committee participating in a tournament could participate in any discussions of rules issues, but should not make a ruling on a rule dispute.  The Club Pro, in that case, should make the decision on the rule after gathering the facts from the participants directly involved in the situation in question.  If there is a question about interpreting the rule, the club Pro or his/her designee may call the USGA.  The decision of the Pro or the Rules Official not participating in the tournament is final.
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